[Samba] Samba Serving NFS Mounted Directories

Jon Forrest jlforrest at berkeley.edu
Sat Jan 23 11:46:19 MST 2010

On 1/23/2010 5:19 AM, Nicholas Brealey wrote:
> The Sun 7310 is a storage appliance. It is not running Solaris 10 but
> runs an OS based on Open Solaris with CIFS and Windows style
> authentication integrated in the kernel.

I lied a little. I do know how to login to this box, but
that's only because a Sun support person told me how.
This was necessary to fix a non-Samba related problem.
It sure looks like Solaris to me. In any case,
I had to promise I wouldn't make any changes
that weren't authorized by Sun. I intend on keeping
this promise.

> Installing Samba is not an option.

I agree 100%.

> You really should be using the integrated CIFs server.
> It is probably simpler to set up than Samba but is probably not as
> flexible (has fewer configuration options).

I'm not sure how simple it is to setup. For example,
I couldn't even figure out what share name it
generates. Although the performance and price of the 7310
are excellent, its documentation is not.

> There is a simulator you can play with to learn how to set it up.

I know. I used it when I was deciding whether to buy the 7310.

 > The manual is available on the Internet or from the storage device.

The "manual" is just the help system on the device, as you say.
It says very little about how to set up CIFS shares.

> There is a forum where these devices are discussed. You almost certainly
> got a support contract when you bough the device.

I didn't know about a support forum. I'll check into that.
I do have a support contract but if it's necessary to
call support for something as simple as this, then somebody
has blown it - either Sun or me.

> If you cannot use its CIFS server (ie if you are using a NT 4 style
> domain or a Samba PDC) perhaps using iSCSI to the Linux box and sharing
> with Samba is the next best option.

None of these apply.

Besides, I'd still like to understand the fundamental issue,
which is why Samba behaves differently when it server NFS
mounts than it does when it serves local files.

> http://forums.sun.com/forum.jspa?forumID=831

I'll check there. Thanks.

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