[Samba] single stream performance issue, Win2K, WinXP, Samba 3.2.5-4lenny7 (Debian Lenny)

Stan Hoeppner stan at hardwarefreak.com
Sun Jan 24 23:14:36 MST 2010

Volker Lendecke put forth on 1/24/2010 6:51 AM:
> On Sun, Jan 24, 2010 at 02:09:51PM +0200, Michael Wood wrote:
>> Except that he said "I can copy files between the Win2K and WinXP
>> machines at just over 10MB/s in a single stream and max out the 11MB/s
>> with two streams."  I am assuming he used the same client in that test
>> as he did with the test against Samba.  So from what he's said it
>> seems that he gets more speed with a Windows server than with Samba
>> for the same client.
> So what we need is a full network trace of both cases.

Actually I'll give you something slightly different, and more to the original
question.  I've taken two tcp captures on the Samba server machine.  Both
transfers were performed using the Windows 2000 cli "copy" command pulling a
36MB avi file from a share on the Samba server.  The first test was a single
stream copy.  The second test was a dual stream copy of the same file
concurrently to two different destination directories.  I also had iftop running
during the tests.  The single stream transfer maxed out at just over 64Mb/s.
The dual stream test maxed out at 92Mb/s.  Following are the two tcpdump output
files using "tcpdump -p -s 0 -w FILE port 445":


The file sizes are 38MB and 76MB respectively.  The raw outbound link speed
behind which my web server sits is only 512Kb/s so it'll take a few minutes to
pull the files, probably about 30-35 minutes or so for both files.  My apologies
for any inconvenience this may cause.


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