[Samba] Help to fix the remaining problems when migration from windows to a linux print server

Salatiel Filho salatiel.filho at gmail.com
Sat Jan 23 10:29:37 MST 2010

Hi, i am trying to migrate my print servers from windows to linux ,
everything is getting really nice but i still face a few problems ,
and since i don't know if i need help from cups or samba guys i will
post to both lists, so maybe someone can give me some help.

Well, i have now cups and samba working just fine, i can authenticate
my users in cups from Active Directory using winbind and they can
print just fine. The remaining problems/doubts are:

1) Is there a way to run cupsaddsmb when security = ads in smb.conf ?
I always have to set security = user before running cupsaddsmb or it
will fail.
2) Even though my cups printers are configured to DefaultPage = A4,
after a cupsaddsmb all windows clients still default to LETTER. What
am i doing wrong? Is there a way to mass set all printer queues in
windows to use A4 ? Some rpcclient parameter to change this ? I have
over 1k queues, so manually change each one in windows GUI is kinda
very time consuming.
3) Why do i always get count page = 1 when printing from windows ? I
thought since i was using the right PPD for  each printer  and adobe
postscripts + cups drivers exported from cupsaddsmb , page accounting
would work, but apparently not.
4) now the critical problem , sometimes when im trying to print a big
job, over 400 hundred pages with lots of pictures to a cups class from
Word for example , word starts spooling to the samba spool but after
it finishes printing the only thing really printed in cups is the
BANNER page, the job itself never gets there.

Thanks in advance.


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   diante de um  idiota que banca o inteligente".

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