[Samba] Samba Serving NFS Mounted Directories

Jon Forrest jlforrest at berkeley.edu
Fri Jan 22 17:49:33 MST 2010

I have a Sun 7310 storage server. This is
running Solaris 10 but it's self-contained
and I can't login to it or run Samba on it.
I manage it with a web interface.

I have a CentOS 5.3 machine that mounts
a bunch of file systems via NFS from the
Sun server. This works fine. I installed
Samba 3.4.5 on the CentOS machine and
configured it to share some of the directories
that are actually NFS mounts from the Sun
server. I'm able to map these directories
from both Windows XP and Windows 7.

I'm seeing several problems:

1) Accessing the mapped directories from
Windows when running Microsoft Office apps is
extremely slow. I don't have any exact numbers
but let's say the speed is unusable. Ironically,
other programs, such as 'vim' and 'notepad'
don't have this speed problem when accessing
the same shares.

2) Again, using Microsoft Office apps, Windows XP
machines see files as read-only. Windows 7 works
fine on the same files.

The Sun has a non-Samba CIFS implementation
but it's non-intuitive to set up so I haven't
tried it. I'm wondering if what I describe
should work.

Here's the smb.conf configuration for the share:


     valid users = bgroup
     path = /home/bgroup
     public = no
     writeable = yes
     browseable = no
     create mask = 012
     create mode = 0660
     directory mode = 0770

Any comments or suggestions?


Jon Forrest
Research Computing Support
College of Chemistry
173 Tan Hall
University of California Berkeley
Berkeley, CA
jlforrest at berkeley.edu

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