[Samba] single stream performance issue, Win2K, WinXP, Samba 3.2.5-4lenny7 (Debian Lenny)

Igor sprog at online.ru
Thu Jan 21 17:04:44 MST 2010

Hello Stan,

Friday, January 22, 2010, 2:26:41 AM, you wrote:

 I don't find it strange at all. Your computer is acting as a traffic
 proxy between two samba servers. If you have 100Mb network interface
 your bandwidth should split exactly in two.

 FTP is a different protocol. You might find the answer if you look at
 the percentage the carrying protocol like SAMBA consumes out of the
 traffic to support protocol integrity. You may find out that the rest 2Mb
 (you should actually have no more than 10Mb/s at 100Mb interface) are
 used by the carrying protocol itself. That somehow "though the protocol
 itself allows" but "for the sake of connectivity" the maximum size of
 the packet is set to 64К. Which is not surprising as far as Microsoft goes.

 I'm sure people around here might provide you with some data
 about SAMBA efficiency, but just remembering what a big difference
 1000Mb Ethernet produces over 100Mb as far as SAMBA is concerned -
 well my best guess it's not more that 80% of all traffic. 20% goes
 for protocol support.

SH> hit the 11MB/s I see via FTP.  Interestingly, if I launch a file copy with the
SH> source file being on one smb share on the server, and the destination being
SH> another smb share (separate filesystem) on the server, the combined throughput
SH> is also 8MB/s, 4 up and 4 down, which is very strange as this should be two
SH> distinct streams.  I can copy files between the Win2K and WinXP machines at just
SH> over 10MB/s in a single stream and max out the 11MB/s with two streams.

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