[Samba] file attributes (ACL's) lost

James D. Parra jamesp at musicreports.com
Thu Jan 21 12:23:03 MST 2010

> I have an iSCSI mount that I disconnected from during a reboot and 
> after remounting it all the ACL's are missing. Using 'll' shows no 
> extended file attributes and 'getfacl' on the dir' shows that the 
> previous attributes are now missing. Restarting smb, nmb, & winbind 
> didn't restore them either.
I don't think there is any backup of the posix acls anywhere in samba.
> Is there a way to restore the attributes? Not sure how they were lost 
> in the fist place.

Did you mount your filesystem with the appropriate acl options. Do you
have acls enabled in your kernel?

Thank you, John. That was the problem; I mounted it with ext3 default
instead of ext3 acl,user_xattr.

All is well.



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