[Samba] SMB/CIFS seq. transfers top out at 30MiB/s (NFSv4 and HTTP: 100MiB/s+)

Johannes Truschnigg johannes at truschnigg.info
Thu Jan 21 10:05:23 MST 2010

On Thursday 21 January 2010 14:31:24 Jeff Layton wrote:
> […]
> I *think* smbclient is actually reasonably fast and does parallel
> reads/writes. You may want to try it. If it's also slow, I'd probably
> do some analysis of the traffic on the wire and see if you can
> determine the cause that way.

As stated in my initial mail, I already tried using `smbclient`, and it 
basically hits the very same speed-limit that the kernel's CIFS-implementation 
cannot exceed.

Is there any canonical or recommended way to debug/profile smbd's performance 
characteristica at runtime?

I'm not sure how looking into the transferred packets themselves could help 
me, since the reason for the bad performance is either on the server (I'm 
quite adamantly sure by now that the server, and smbd specifically, is the 
root of the problem at hand), or the clients - not the wire or networking 
equipment in between. If you can elaborate on the subject though, I'd be 
delighted to listen and learn :)

Thanks very much for contributing!
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