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roxane.b.eliff at census.gov roxane.b.eliff at census.gov
Thu Jan 21 09:20:19 MST 2010

I subscribed to the list and am awaiting a response.  Thanks

Best Regards,

Roxane Eliff
DADS/SEO AIX Administrator
Office 301-763-7488
Mail Stop - 2K278B
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Roxane B Eliff/DACMO/HQ/BOC at BOC
01/19/2010 04:03 PM

I am writing from the US Census Bureau in Washington, DC.  There is an 
immediate need for samba to be implemented on 3 AIX lpars.
Attached is the smb.conf file and testparm for dadsp003.
Here is the scenario:
3 AIX, 6.1 lpars, dadsp001, dadsp002 and dadsp003.  Installed samba 3.0.24 
from aix6 cd.  Currently installed on dadsp002 and dadsp003.  Configured 
only on dadsp003.
The local networks on all 3 lpars are 192.168.0 and 192.168.1
I have 2 shares configured. The daemons (smdb and nmdb) are running and 
users can connect to the shares on dadsp003.
How do I add/configure the other 2 lpars (dadsp001 and dadsp002) so a user 
can login to dadsp001 or dadsp002 and have the shares available.  We do 
not use ldap on the AIX servers.  I am using smbpasswd to configure users 
as you will see in the smb.conf.dadsp003 file.
We have the "net use" command for dadsp003 working via ssh login from AIX 
to windows.  In addition to any configuration, my guess would be that the 
same "net use" command can be changed to point from the correct server.
I have no idea if I am asking the right question(s), but I have to start 
somewhere.  The developers/testers are way behind in their work waiting on 
the samba configuration.  HELP ASAP please.  I have read and googled to 
the point of confusion.
A phone call would be great, but if email is the only way, then I will 
take what I can get.
Best Regards,
Roxane Eliff
AIX Systems Administrator
US Dept. of Commerce (US Census Bureau)
Direct 301-763-7488
Mobile 443-271-3814


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