[Samba] How to speed up Samba From Mac OS 10.6 to access Windows Share under W2K3

Kostic, Jacques Jacques.Kostic at pmintl.com
Thu Jan 21 06:34:51 MST 2010

We I connect to //w2k3/share I am effectively using a GUI tool to do that.

The tool show me my server like this:


If I the double click on this, then I am getting all my shares and I can mount one.

So Yes Samba is used and at the end the smbclient //w2k3/share  is raised to map my drive.

I may forums I saw some performance issues with Samba but no relevant answers on how to optimize.

Many thanks

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On Thu, Jan 21, 2010 at 02:03:16PM +0100, Kostic, Jacques wrote:
> Pleeease be nice ;-)

Well, I try to be :-)

> A normal network between one XP  and one W2K3 server with a giga bit 
> switch in the midle produce more that 400Mb/ sec transfer rate.
> If I just replace the XP by my iMac with Samba connecting to the W2K3 
> I am getting less than 15Mb/Sec...
> I mean if I could have an explanation or help to optimize samba...

Ok, which piece of Samba are you actually using? What do you
*exactly* mean by "iMac with samba connecting to W2K3"? If this means you issue 

smbclient //w2k3/share

on the command line, then yes, this is our business. If you instead use the native iMac tools and mount //w2k3/share into your local system. If the latter is the case (you are using the native iMac GUI to connect to the server), then no, no Samba piece is involved. In that case, you need to contact your Apple support.

Please clarify what you are doing and apologies if I was not precise enough.


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