[Samba] SMB/CIFS seq. transfers top out at 30MiB/s (NFSv4 and HTTP: 100MiB/s+)

Johannes Truschnigg johannes at truschnigg.info
Wed Jan 20 16:10:07 MST 2010

On Wednesday 20 January 2010 20:55:16 Jeff Layton wrote:
> […]
> Most likely, you're running into the lack of parallelism in Linux' CIFS
> client. Writes are done in in turn currently and not in parallel as
> they should be.
> […]

Very interesting; but that wouldn't explain why it's slow for Windows XP 
clients, would it? Is there any SMB/CIFS client implementation that's known 
for its speed so I could test if it's really a client issue?

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