[Samba] '/tmp' does not exist or permission denied ...: /tmp has 777 permission SOLVED

Koen Linders koen.linders at koca.be
Wed Jan 20 03:18:13 MST 2010

> I have no idea, but could it be that 'tmp' is not the directory /tmp,
> but one of your samba shares, called 'tmp'?
> MJ

Nope, but thx anyway.

I changed the permission in the /root dir yesterday with chmod 700 .* 
I only wanted to change the hidden files that started with . (like .ssh)
This caused .. to have wrong permissions. It should have 755 so anything can
cd out of the directory. 

How something small like this, can cause so many problems. Lesson learned

Koen Linders

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