[Samba] '/tmp' does not exist or permission denied ...: /tmp has 777 permission

Koen Linders koen.linders at koca.be
Wed Jan 20 01:18:37 MST 2010

Not sure what caused it. It must be some change to permissions. I know
I changed the root password with passwd and changed it back afterwards
when problems started. I know for sure I didn't change a thing to the
samba config. No firewall running atm.

This morning I did smbpasswd as root and set it (to be sure) to same
passwd as the original one. But I don't think this matters anymore. I
did hope so when I went to sleep :)

Debian Etch
Samba 3.0.24
All worked well as PDC
Exact message:
SMBD/SERVICE.C:MAKE_CONNECTION_SNUM(920) 'tmp' does not exist or
permission denied when connecting to [IPC$]. Error was permission
Permission on /tmp
Ls -al /
/tmp drwxrwxrwt

The weird thing is. I can access 2 out 3 shares even after restarting
server and workstation. Netlogon is not accessible and I can't browse
the server. The 2 shares are in the same directory as the main share
which is inaccessible atm.

When I try to login as different user (koenl) on the server (not via
workstation), I get can't cd to /data/home/koenl

/data: 775 root.root
/data/home 775 root.root
/data/home/koenl 755 koenl.ICT

/data/shares 755 root.root
/data/shares/newton 775 root.root (main directory of share is meant to
be readable by world)
(This is the inaccessible share)
/data/shares/ict	770 g+s
(accessible share)

(Any application to change ALL permissions to default on debian? I can
umount the data partition before)

Any idea?


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