[Samba] subfolder level restriction

Michael Heydon michaelh at jaswin.com.au
Tue Jan 19 17:04:08 MST 2010

Daniel Müller wrote:
> Look at the issue "dont descend" in the [mrt] config.
> Daniel
"dont descend"  affects the share regardless of who connects to it. To 
create different views for different users would require creating 
several shares with different "dont descend" values.

> when u1 logs in mrt it should view all the contents inside mrt (including contents of its
> subfolderand all) 
> and when u2 logs into mrt it should view mrt1 and restrict mrt2 and in same
> way when u3 logs into mrt ,it could access mrt2 and restrict mrt
I think unix permissions would be the obvious solution. Create groups 
called g1 and g2, add u1 to both groups, u2 to g1 and  u3 to g2. Then 
chown root.g1 mrt1 , chown root.g2 mrt2  and chmod them both to 770 (or 
750). If you want more flexibility, you can use ACLs (assuming your FS 
and OS support them).

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