[Samba] TOSHARG-ConfigSmarts.xml translation to Japanese finished and some bug

ITPFS oota t-oota at dh.jp.nec.com
Mon Jan 18 19:46:58 MST 2010

Now, TOSHARG-ConfigSmarts.xml translate to Japanese finished(3.4.0 base).
And some bug found.

<indexterm><primary>separate servers</primary></indexterm>
          -------------------no data
Some environments dictate the need to have separate servers, each with their own resources, each of which are
accessible only by certain users or groups. This is one of the simple, but highly effective, ways that Samba
can replace many physical Windows servers in one Samba installation.

This configuration style can be used either with NetBIOS names, or using NetBIOS-less SMB over TCP services.
If run using NetBIOS mode (the most common method) it is important that the parameter <smbconfoption name="smb
ports">139</smbconfoption> should be specified in the primary &smb.conf; file. Failure to do this will result
in Samba operating over TCP port 445 and problematic operation at best, and at worst only being able to obtain
the functionality that is specified in the primary &smb.conf; file. The use of NetBIOS over TCP/IP using only
TCP port 139 means that the use of the <literal>%L</literal> macro is fully enabled. If the <smbconfoption
name="smb ports">139</smbconfoption> is not specified (the default is <parameter>445 139</parameter>, or if
                                                                                          forgot )--^
the value of this parameter is set at <parameter>139 445</parameter> then the <literal>%L</literal> macro
is not serviceable.

<indexterm><primary>master smb.conf</primary></indexterm>
           ------------------no data
The master &smb.conf; file is shown in <link linkend="mastersmbc">the Master smb.conf File Global Section</link>.
The two files that specify the share information for each server are shown in <link linkend="merlinsmbc">the
smb-merlin.conf File Share Section</link>, and <link linkend="sauronsmbc">the smb-sauron.conf File Share
Section</link>. All three files are locate in the <filename>/etc/samba</filename> directory.

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