[Samba] Samba, and NFS. lag?

Nathan Lager lagern at lafayette.edu
Fri Jan 15 13:20:36 MST 2010

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I have a samba server, which shares out an NFS mounted share.  It seems
that everything works rather well, except that i get some lag when
modifying a file.  If i share a directory which is local to the samba
server, no lag, everything works perfectly.  However, when i share an
NFS mounted volume, i get about 30 seconds of lag while writing a file
after it's been modified.

In my test, i did the following:
- From Windows xp, browse to \\smbserver\share\
browse to a directory which you have permission to write to.
open an existing file (in my case, a text file, using Notepad).
Add a line to the file.
save the file.

Notepad hangs for about 30 seconds, and then successfully completes its

The only thin special about this windows XP client is that it has the
Novell mobile client installed.  I ran into an issue where windows was
first trying to access my smb server using novell's ncp, but this was
corrected by moving around the provider order in Windows networking.

Any suggestions?  Anything i can check?  Am i perhaps looking an an NFS
performance issue?  I'm able to modify files over the nfs mount from the
smb server without an issue.


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