[Samba] Ubuntu packaging vs Debian packaging (was: Given up on Fedora Ubuntu is 1000-folder simpler)

Christian PERRIER bubulle at debian.org
Thu Jan 14 23:13:46 MST 2010

Quoting Michael Lueck (mlueck at lueckdatasystems.com):
> Peter Olcott wrote:
> >I decided to try
> >Ubuntu. After intallation it took only five minutes of editing the smb.conf
> >file to make my share fully operational.
> :-)
> I had been hearing good things about Ubuntu, however I was firmly in the Debian camp.
> When Etch came out, the Samba packages were so bad that I ended up trying Ubuntu (7.04). It worked great!
> Now I am a Ubuntu fan, no going back to Debian.

May I very respectfully mention that you're spreading out what I
consider nonsense?

Samba packages in Ubuntu are directly derived from Debian
packages. So, telling that "Debian packages are bad" while "Ubuntu
packages are good" is just....silly. They're basically the same..:-)

The team that maintains samba packages in Debian follows bugs that are
reported in Ubuntu. The Ubuntu server folks follow Debian BTS.

And both are tight together by Steve Langasek, longstanding maintainer
of samba packages in Debian along with me....and Ubuntu release
manager. So, I think you can believe us when we say that packages are

And, well, the initial work is done and Debian. This is something I'm
personnally proud of and you'll understand that the above remark is
particularly hurting. This is because of the work done by a Debian
developer that you will have Samba 3.4.4 in a few days if you follow
the development of Ubuntu "whatever funky name they give to 10.04".

What is different are versions in stable releases. Both Ubuntu and
Debian have a quite similar policy wrt updating upstream software
versions in stable releases (update for security-related issues and
"important" issues by backporting upstream changes). However, our
schedules are different. So, at one given moment, you may find
different upstream version in the respective stable versions of both
distributions (for instance, Ubuntu Jaunty (IIRC) has Samba 3.3.*
while Debian will never have 3.3 (Lenny has 3.2.5+important fixes and
Squeeze will have 3.4 or 3.5 depending on the release schedule).

In general, Ubuntu is likely to have more recent versions than Debian
because of its faster release schedule.

Again, and more generally, please don't oppose Ubuntu and Debian. We
work fairly well together in general, despite the noise made from time
to time when there are different points of view. But we both need "the
other" to live and develop. 

And, when "packages are bad", please, pretty please with sugar on
top.....take care to report. This is how we can contribute and help
upstream (namely the Samba Team) to improve their software (as a
matter of example, you may want to check bugs reported by
"pkg-samba-main at lists.alioth.debian.org" in Samba's Bugzilla....or
more precisely for recent examples, bugs #7020 and #7021.

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