[Samba] Explanation of ACL inherit in Samba 3.x

VALOIS, Pascal pascal.valois at devinci.fr
Thu Jan 14 01:16:19 MST 2010


i installed a samba server 3.0.28a, with acls support.

when settings acl with setfacl, the mechanism of default acl for parent 
are put to new directories/files by the linux kernel. so far so good.

when creating a new file directory with a windows client on the samba 
serveur, the new item get the default acl set.

the matter is that when we try to change acl on windows, it 
automatically put back the acls by defaut the parent directory tells to 
uses for new items.

so we can't remove an acl that the parent enforce.

is that normal ? is there a way to set samba or windows not to do this ? 
can't we just rely on the posix acl to handle inheritance of the rights ?


Pascal Valois
Service Informatique
Pôle Universitaire Leonard de Vinci

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