[Samba] User and GRoup mapping

Robert Steinmetz rob at steinmetznet.com
Wed Jan 13 14:39:17 MST 2010

I have two servers running Samba, one as a Domain Controller one as a 
Member Server. Both are running Ubuntu 8.10 and running smbd, nmbd and 
winbindd using the tdb back end.

I am having a problem understanding ID mapping. The mapping is not the 
same on both machines.

On the Domain Controller

> root at thelma:/etc/init.d# wbinfo -i 'ATLANTA\rob'
> rob:*:1000:2003:Robert Steinmetz,,,:/home/ATLANTA/rob:/bin/false
> root at thelma:/etc/init.d# wbinfo -i 'ATLANTA\trish'
> trish:*:1033:2003::/home/ATLANTA/trish:/bin/false
On the Member Server
> root at louise:/etc/samba# wbinfo -i 'ATLANTA\rob'
> ATLANTA\rob:*:10020:10001:Robert Steinmetz,,,:/home/ATLANTA/rob:/bin/bash

> root at louise:/etc/samba# wbinfo -i 'ATLANTA\trish'
> ATLANTA\trish:*:10037:10001::/home/ATLANTA/trish:/bin/bash
Note the different UID and  GID

Robert Steinmetz, AIA
Steinmetz & Associates

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