[Samba] Help with domain sid change in Samba 3.0.22

psycodue at tiscali.it psycodue at tiscali.it
Mon Jan 11 09:58:57 MST 2010

I'm using Samba and LikewiseOpen 5.3 on my Ubuntu Server 6.06  LTS to 
join a Windows 2008 Active Directory Domain.

In the LikewiseOpen guide 
for integration with samba they say to set the Domain SID with the net 
setdomainsid command but I suppose that the net command bundled in the 
version 3.0.22 of samba does not have this feature.

How can I change 
the Domain SID?

Is there a way to do this also manually?

Where the 
Domain SID is stored in samba?

Any suggestion would be appreciated! 

PS: I can't change the samba version of the server.

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