[Samba] TOSHARG-CUPS-Printing.xml, AdvancedNetworkAdmin.xml, Integrating-with -Windows.xml finished and some bug

ITPFS oota t-oota at dh.jp.nec.com
Wed Jan 13 01:01:03 MST 2010

Now, TOSHARG-CUPS-Printing.xml,TOSHARG-AdvancedNetworkAdmin.xml,TOSHARG-Integrating-with-Windows.xml
 translate to Japanese finished(3.4.0 base).
And some bug found.


The setdriver command will fail if in Samba's mind the queue is not
already there. A successful installation displys the promising message that the:
                                         ------- displays
Printer Driver ABC successfully installed.


        ThinLinc an be used both in the LAN environment to implement a Thin Client strategy for an organization, and as
        secure remote access solution for people working from remote locations, even over smallband connections.
        ThinLinc is free to use for a single concurrent user.


------------------------------------------ no future

All MS Windows machines employ an in-memory buffer in which is
stored the NetBIOS names and IP addresses for all external
machines that machine has communicated with over the
past 10 to 15 minutes. It is more efficient to obtain an IP address
for a machine from the local cache than it is to go through all the
configured name resolution mechanisms.

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