[Samba] Can only log on to domain, not local machine

Rob Feldman feldmrob at attglobal.net
Tue Jan 12 19:14:14 MST 2010

Hi Don,

Yeah, the behavior you describe is what I expected but not what I'm getting.
All domain UID/Password pairs authenticate fine when connected, none do when
disconnected. The login credentials are not being cached, but I can't figure
out why. I checked the XP group policy and the default setting to keep the
last 10 logins is intact.

My setup is the same as yours, XP clients of domain with a Samba PDC. I
maintain another similar system at work which works fine.

I really appreciate the effort -- any other ideas?


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Rob Feldman wrote:
> Used Administrator login on XP client to grant domain users rights to log
> to client machine (such as when offline). All attempts to log on to local
> machine fail authentication (error "System could not log you on. Check
> name and domain..."). Everything else works fine, including logon to
> and synchronization of offline folders. Frustrating having all data
> available offline but inaccessible because I can't log in!
> Don't know what I'm doing wrong, seems like my setup is wrong preventing
> from getting password info properly for later use away from domain. Sorry
> this is a dopey question, but I've pored over all howtos & other resources
> and am still stumped. Plenty of help available for fixing XP clients not
> logging into smb domain, but none I can find if XP can't log into itself.

Have you tried just logging in with the domain login and password?

XP Pro caches login credentials, so the next time a user logs in, the 
cached credentials can be used if for some reason the machine can't 
contact a domain controller.  For example, I have an XP Pro machine on 
my desk, joined to a domain managed by a Samba server.  I pulled the 
network cable out of that machine, then logged into it using my plain 
old unprivileged domain logon.  Works fine, except that I can't get to 
my home directory out on the Samba server :-)

Microsoft already did the grunt work to let your users logon to an 
off-network machine.

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