[Samba] Does tdb can store incorrect encoding symbols?

Сергей mail_of_sergey at mail.ru
Tue Jan 12 14:32:43 MST 2010

Hello, Volker

> > So, I have two questions:
> > 1. How to select one-byte encoded descriptions?
> Does "unix charset = KOI-8R" help?
No because of my filesystem is UTF-8 now.

The root of problem is - tdb file stores multi-byte encoding text and one-byte encoded text.
> > 2. How to convert it to multi-byte encoding?
> Within a tdb? Probably just with pdbedit or "net groupmap"
> commands.
 Clear, thank you.

My wish is samba tool for checking encoding of tdb files.
What part of samba sources I should looking attentively for my wish sakes?

Thank you. Serg

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