[Samba] printcap cache time using registry config on Ubuntu 9.04 samba 3.3.2

Glenn T. Arnold garnold at unrealsolutions.com
Tue Jan 12 14:17:47 MST 2010

I have been reading the man page on printcap cache time setting and have some questions. How much load does this put on a server if you have the setting less then 60? The reason I have this setting less than 60 is when I use an all registry samba configuration the printers do not show up if you browse the server or when you goto the Windows XP pc with the printer already connect shows printer status opening, but if you wait the default time period that samba sets for the printcap cache time the printer will eventually show up under the server. When I used the smb.conf file I did not observer this behavior. The reason I am using the all registry conf is to save some memory on the server. I have observed this behavior on another customers server with the same version ubuntu. The printcap cache time setting less than 60 seems to fix the issue or mask the issue enough to be liveable, but I want to make sure that I am not missing anything in configuring samba. Here is my config. 

"server string"="" 
"dos charset"="850" 
"unix charset"="ISO8859-1" 
"interfaces"="bond0, lo" 
"passdb backend"="ldapsam:ldap://myserver01.mthcs.net" 
"passwd program"="/usr/sbin//smbldap-passwd %u" 
"username map"="/etc/samba/smbusers" 
"time server"="Yes" 
"add user script"="/usr/sbin//smbldap-useradd -m \"%u\"" 
"delete user script"="/usr/sbin//smbldap-userdel \"%u\"" 
"add group script"="/usr/sbin//smbldap-groupadd -p \"%g\"" 
"delete group script"="/usr/sbin//smbldap-groupdel \"%g\"" 
"add user to group script"="/usr/sbin//smbldap-groupmod -m \"%u\" \"%g\"" 
"delete user from group script"="/usr/sbin//smbldap-groupmod -x \"%u\" \"%g\"" 
"set primary group script"="/usr/sbin//smbldap-usermod -g \"%g\" \"%u\"" 
"add machine script"="/usr/sbin//smbldap-useradd -w \"%u\"" 
"logon script"="wkix32.exe logon.kix" 
"logon path"="" 
"logon drive"="h:" 
"logon home"="" 
"domain logons"="Yes" 
"os level"="60" 
"preferred master"="Yes" 
"domain master"="No" 
"wins server"="" 
"lanman auth"="yes" 
"ldap admin dn"="cn=admin,dc=mthcs,dc=net" 
"ldap delete dn"="Yes" 
"ldap group suffix"="ou=Groups" 
"ldap idmap suffix"="ou=Users" 
"ldap machine suffix"="ou=Computers" 
"ldap passwd sync"="Yes" 
"ldap suffix"="dc=mthcs,dc=net" 
"ldap user suffix"="ou=Users" 
"ldap ssl"="no" 
"add share command"="/usr/bin/modify_samba_config.pl" 
"change share command"="/usr/bin/modify_samba_config.pl" 
"delete share command"="/usr/bin/modify_samba_config.pl" 
"idmap uid"="10000-20000" 
"idmap gid"="10000-20000" 
"printcap name"="cups" 
"force printername"="Yes" 
"default devmode"="no" 
"wins support"="no" 
"smb ports"="139" 
"usershare max shares"="0" 
"log level"="0" 
"printcap cache time"="30" 

"comment"="Printer Drivers" 
"write list"="\"@Domain Admins\", root" 

"comment"="All Printers" 
"guest ok"="Yes" 


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