[Samba] setfacl:operation not supported

Jens Nissen jens-smb at gmx.net
Tue Jan 12 02:32:25 MST 2010

Kernel 2.4 can support ACLs, it's more a question of the FS you are
using (ext2 is ok if acl is properly installed).
Did you remount with root? Otherwise use sudo. Perhaps you could post
your mount-output.
By the way: use some other partition then "/" for testing, otherwise you
could end up in a mess!!!
Next question: /ide2 sounds like a mountpoint itself - check and remount
with acl-enabled. Perhaps you could post "ls -al /"

Kind regards,


himmat baldaniya schrieb:
> Hi all
> from last few days i got struct in problem.when i try to use setfacl command 
> "setfacl -m u:himmat:r-- /ide2/asd"
> i get the error setfacl : /ide2/asd : operation not supported
> i also has mounted acl using -:
> "mount -f -o remount,acl  / "      Note: -f option is for force
> i am using red  hat kernel 2.4.20-8 and  acl-2.2.3-1
> One more thing i have to ask whether acl utility supports Samba version-2.2.7a
> plz help .. I want to know ur valuable suggestions
> thankyou 
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