[Samba] Joining Windows XP client to Samba 3 domain: Access denied

Vinicius Abrahao vinnix.bsd at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 15:04:47 MST 2010

On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 6:49 AM, Christian Geiger <c.geiger at lohrmann.de> wrote:
> Hi Vinícius!
> Wish you a happy new year, too!
> Yes, I solved my issue in the meantime. I made a mistake and tried joining
> the domain with the user instead of the administrator account. As no machine
> account had been previously created for that machine, the join couldn't be
> performed. Doing it as the administrator solved this and created the machine
> account in the background.
> What does your smb.conf look like? Did you ensure a machine account exists?
> And which user did you supply for joining the domain?
> Best regards
> Chris
> PS: I'm running Samba 3.3.2 and OpenLDAP 2.4.15 on Ubuntu 9.04 Server.

Hi Chris, and all List!

Thanks for helping me. I solve the problem in a "strange way".

I get the smb.conf of another machine that had samba working fine as PDC
and replace my actual conf (but without modify my ldap data), and the clients
joint normally.  So I think...  I'll restore the original smb.conf and
verify line by line
what is the difference between their. But... when I restore the
original file, I could
joint at my domain normally too.  So...

I resolve the problem, but I don't know "how" yet.
I'll reinstall from scratch when I have more time, and then create a
solid doc, about
samba-ldap integration (how to delivery it, not the internals aspects).

thanks again for help,

best regards,

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