[Samba] Computer Account to access share

Joris Dobbelsteen joris at familiedobbelsteen.nl
Sun Jan 10 13:32:33 MST 2010


I've currently been trying to get a computer account to access a share 
on an active directory connected Samba server. Unfortunately it yields 
"access denied" ever, unless I enable guess access, in which case I can 
access it. Since I like to use samba for automatic software deployment, 
this requires distributing administrative credentials to all the 
workstation (hard to do, especially even somewhat securely) or use the 
computer account (preferred).

I run Debian Lenny with Samba 3.4.3.

I've been looking around for this issue a long time, but unable to find 
anyone with a solution.

I do get WinBind to make uids for the computer accounts (by executing 
the 'id' command). That changes the error message to access denied.

storage:~# id joris2k\\nehemiah$
uid=10023(JORIS2K\nehemiah$) gid=10009(JORIS2K\domain computers) 
groups=10009(JORIS2K\domain computers),10028(JORIS2K\certsvc_dcom_access)

Does anyone have any pointer how I can solve this problem?

Thanks and best wishes for the new year,

- Joris

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