[Samba] permission to subfolder in samba

himmat baldaniya himmat.baldaniya at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 10 00:31:12 MST 2010

hello sir


            I got struct in serious problem regarding samba
subfolders permission..


my query is--


I have three users in samba file  user1




and I have one share as "share1" and its
subfolder "subshare1" 


the thing i have to do is that, 


i have 2 assign user1 and user2 access to share1 that means

user1 and user2 can only access share1 through password


and user3 can access only its subfolder
"subshare1"  but not "share1"


i have done this upto first level permission of share1 not
able to do for its subfolder


plzz note :: samba subfolder should not be view on main page :they should be viewed as subfolders

plz help ...its urgent



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