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Harondel J. Sibble help at pdscc.com
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On 4 Jan 2010 at 9:39, Jeremy Allison wrote:

> It's a funny 'ole world :-). After leaving Whistle I trotted up and
> down Sand Hill Road in Silicon Valley with an ex-Whistle Exec (for
> credibility) trying to pitch such a device to any of the Venture
> Capitalists. I thought it would have made a great start-up company idea
> ! 

Given the crazy amounts of data people and companies generate and have to 
keep around for compliance and other reasons, AND given the high cost for 
Google's search appliance solutions, you'd think there would be a lot of 
companies vying to develop solutions like this.
> None of them wanted anything to do with it (sigh :-). At least
> you and I prove that great minds think alike :-).


How decidedly odd, well, just like another oddity given the whole "green" 
climate. in Europe (England in particular), it's easy to get powerbars with a 
per socket on/off switch, in North America that's pretty much unheard of, 
when I spoke with one of the local (BC, Canada) electrical shops, they told 
me all such devices had long ago been discontinued. <shrug>, both this and 
the index/searching look like excellent business opportunities.

Now germane to the indexing of Samba shares, the IBM OmniFind Yahoo edition 
works EXCEPTIONALLY well, except, as far as I can tell, no ssl/https support, 
nor ability to have login accounts that restrict what index repositories one 
can search.

Indexing a 141gb share took about 20 hours or so to complete, the index file 
is about 60gb in size.

I'll be chatting with IBM sales to see what it'll cost to resolve the 2 
problems above using the commercial version of OmniFind.  For folks who don't 
have issues with the lack of abilities above, I'd highly recommend it.

This link explains how to install on Debian


Of note, the -console switch works fine with Debian 5, so the -silent switch 
is not required. Also of note, using an admin password that punctuation in it 
seems to be accepted fine on first connect to admin page, but after that, no 
joy, so use just alphanumerics.
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