[Samba] How to access shares via HTTP (apache2)

Terry terrytesting at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Jan 1 13:51:39 MST 2010

On 19:59, Steve Rippl wrote:
> Daniel Müller wrote:
>> Why do you need to access your shares via HTTP???!!
>> THe only thing this might be usefull is from outside your lan over 
>> internet?!
>> If you plan this, there ist the linux opensource solution OPENVPN!! 
>> With this mighty software
>> you work with your shares and outlook from outside as if you were in 
>> your bureau.
>> Take a look at it and give it a try!
>> Daniel
> With all due respect (really!), why do you ask a question like that?  
> Different people have different requirements.  In my case I have 2000 
> secondary school students that I give access to their home folders 
> from home so that they don't have to do everything via usb sticks.  
> Should I manage 2000 certificates for this and complicate things for 
> the students, or should I use a simple web based solution that can run 
> from any browser on any machine?
> OpenVPN is great, I use it for my access to the network from outside, 
> but it isn't the answer to everything!
What about some sort of php groupware pretty sure you could find a file 
browser plugin for one them
http://www.phpgroupware.org/   Web content and document management and 

Maybe some thing like that would be a solution

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