[Samba] net join issues with 2 domains with a trust relationship

Peter de Groot peter.de.groot at det.wa.edu.au
Fri Jan 8 02:26:19 MST 2010

I am trying to join a machine to one domain using the credentials from 

Yes .. I do have the privileges :-)

kinit works.

It used to work (3.0.28a) .... but with later revs I get this sort of 

Bit irritating, as I have to ask somebody with admin privs to do it for 
me ...

root at curric4182-07:/home/peter# net ads join -U  e2052982 at ADMIN4182.INTERNAL
Enter e2052982 at ADMIN4182.INTERNAL's password:
[2010/01/08 17:08:57,  0] libads/kerberos.c:332(ads_kinit_password)
e2052982 at ADMIN4182.INTERNAL@CURRIC4182.INTERNAL failed: Malformed 
representation of principal
Failed to join domain: failed to connect to AD: Malformed representation 
of principal

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