[Samba] samba with ldap + windows AD can work together?

Gaiseric Vandal gaiseric.vandal at gmail.com
Thu Jan 7 13:32:53 MST 2010

On 01/07/10 00:39, Alberto Moreno wrote:
>    Hi people.
>    I have 2 domains right now:
> WinNT4 + Windows 2k3.
>    A lot of u will say, why don't u just move everything to win2k3?..
> well I prefer to work with linux/Unix.
>   My question is this, I test the migration from NT4 to linux with
> ldap, it works and is not to difficult, my problem is this:
>    All my printers are in the server running windows 2k3 my AD server,
> the NT4 users can access the resources from the win2k3 server without
> any issue, if I make the migration from NT4 to Linux, will my users
> lost the connection of the win2k3(AD) resources?
>    Centos 5.4.
>    Thanks!!!
Do you have trusts setup between the two domains or are the printers 
shared for anon access?   If you vampire the NT4 accounts to your new 
linux samba DC then  in theory everything should stay the same.   In 
practice I have found that Samba/Windows trusts are flaky so I would 
either (a) make sure you can access shared printers w/o trusts and (b) 
have a provision for sharing printers from the Samba machine or a 
Windows server in your "samba" domain.

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