[Samba] Production-environment AD rollout?

Ken D'Ambrosio ken at jots.org
Thu Jan 7 09:37:37 MST 2010

Hey, all.  I've used Samba a lot, but took a job about four years ago
during which time I've only used it for one-off projects.  Looks like I
might take a new job, though, and I'll get to call the shots.  I'd *love*
to have Samba with AD running things, and just have Windows in-place as
clients (possibly with Exchange... can't win 'em all).

Is this feasible in this day and age?  I know (or, at least, think I do)
that Samba isn't currently in shape to share DC duties with Windows boxes
(at least, in a production environment), but can it be a standalone AD DC,
perhaps with other Samba DCs?



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