[Samba] samba with ldap + windows AD can work together?

Alberto Moreno portsbsd at gmail.com
Wed Jan 6 22:39:34 MST 2010

  Hi people.

  I have 2 domains right now:

WinNT4 + Windows 2k3.

  A lot of u will say, why don't u just move everything to win2k3?..
well I prefer to work with linux/Unix.

 My question is this, I test the migration from NT4 to linux with
ldap, it works and is not to difficult, my problem is this:

  All my printers are in the server running windows 2k3 my AD server,
the NT4 users can access the resources from the win2k3 server without
any issue, if I make the migration from NT4 to Linux, will my users
lost the connection of the win2k3(AD) resources?

  Centos 5.4.


LIving the dream...

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