[Samba] PDC directory permission fail

Сергей mail_of_sergey at mail.ru
Tue Jan 5 00:11:57 MST 2010

Hello, Bino!

> I use webmin to do the samba PDC configuration
IMHO, insuffisient
> [warehouse]
>         comment = Files of warehouse
>         writeable = yes
>         path = /hdd2/samba/groupfiles/warehouse
> when I create that share via webmin i use option :
> a. mode : 775
> b. Create user : Root
> c. Create Group : warehouse.
> 4. From my XP station , I login to that domain with user name "wh01", 
> the results is :
> a. Successfull login
> b. wh01 can create a file in the home directory (/home/wh01)

> But, wh01 can not write file to share "warehouse"
Which permission to the new file? May be 644? :)
IMHO, user have right to write directory, but have not right to write file.
Look man smb.conf for "force create mode", "force directory mode" or http://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Frequently_Asked_Questions#inherit_permissions

Bye. Serg

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