[Samba] Can't get share to show up on windows

David Southwell david at vizion2000.net
Sun Jan 3 15:41:07 MST 2010

> I have successfully set of two Samba servers under Red Hat Linux 6.0 and
> 9.0. I am having trouble getting Samba 3.0 Fedora Linux Samba to show up on
> the windows machine. I can't find the solution in either of the two books
> that I bought, or the online resources after spending several days working
> on this.
> I only need a relatively simple network, yet I also want it to be
>  reasonably secure. With my first server I set up fixed IP addresses and
>  edited the etc/hosts file. Somehow my second server can connect to my XP
>  clients without changes to the etc/hosts file, and without fixed IP
>  addresses set up on the windows XP side. I don't know how it does this. I
>  probably want this new server to work this same way.
> I must have two Samba servers and three Windows XP boxes all connected. The
> Red Hat Linux 9.0 samba box is currently working correctly with the three
>  XP boxes.
> Appreciate you help.
Can you post your smb.conf and log.smb files (strip out your ip addies)

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