[Samba] Change idle timeout

Robson Paniago de Miranda rpdmiranda at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 13:29:47 MST 2010


We are using a samba server as a NTLM authenticator for our web filter.
However, Samba closes the SMB connections after 60 seconds of inactivity,
causing connections from the web filter to the Samba DC to get stuck in
CLOSE_WAIT state, and failing to authenticate the users.

Is the some way, other than changing IDLE_CLOSED_TIMEOUT, or (in Samba
3.0.23) commenting the check that closes the TCP connection if there is no
connections active and a timeout bigger than IDLE_CLOSED_TIMEOUT, to keep
the TCP connections opened, despite the inexistence of open pipes or

 Robson Paniago

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