[Samba] net user add problems

Mr. P sampete15 at yahoo.com
Thu Feb 25 17:02:22 MST 2010

I'm running into a some problems trying to manage domain accounts via Samba.

Running samba v3.0.33 (solaris).  Using "security = domain".  PDC is Windows
Server 2003.  

1. I can add an account using "net rpc user add", but the -C option does not
work.  When I do a "net rpc user -l", the comment field is blank.  -C seems to
work for "net rpc group add".

2. The domain account created is disabled, as I see NT_STATUS_ACCOUNT_DISABLED
when trying to connect with a new account.

3. I see some documentation to use "smbpasswd -e" to enable the account.  If I
try "smbpasswd -e -r [PDC] zzz " I get "Failed to find user zzz in passdb
backend.  I don't have a "passdb backend" entry.

I appreciate any help.

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