[Samba] AD 2008 R2 vs. samba 3.4.5 (fwd)

christoph.beyer at desy.de christoph.beyer at desy.de
Thu Feb 18 11:54:58 MST 2010

Hi there,

I almot exlusively use samba for printing in a semi large scale (>2.000 windows 
hosts & >500 printers). I have been running 3.0.20 for a long time and was 
quite happy with it.

Unfortunately my windows fellows have now updated to AD 2008 R2 and I 
experienced some immediate problems with encryptions types so I updated to 
3.4.5 which is not really working for me.

I see a lot of connection rests and also the load is significantly higher than 
before, looks a bit like a denial of service attack ;) Also the shares don't 
show up constantly in the domain but disappear from time to time.

My clients are 32bit windowsxp domain members and to make things a bit more 
complicated they received a MS security update at the same time which mainly 
concerns SMB (MS10-06 SMB Update).

Are there any advices or experiences, I'm really in need ? :(

 	~ christoph

PS: Of couse I am also waiting for a samba based solution for windows 7 64 bit 
printing ;)

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