[Samba] Unwanted case sensitivity

Jim Ramsey jwramsey at pobox.com
Wed Feb 17 15:55:07 MST 2010

I have also posted this on IRC.

I have a linux host running stock RHEL 5.4 Samba 3.0.33-3.15. The host acts
both as a Samba server and does a CIFS mount of that same share. The
reason for doing this is so that programs running on the Linux host have
the same case insensitive view as the Windows clients.

I have nocase set in the relevant line in /etc/fstab
I have case sensitive = No set in the smb.conf.

Still I get case sensitive responses though odd ones.

	The native Linux directory that is share is named /srv/XXXX.
	There would be a directory /srv/XXXX/AAAbbb which contains
	a file Fred.txt.
	The directory, /srv/XXXX, is shared as XXXX. The Linux host
	CIFS mounts it as //localhost/XXXX on /XXXX.SMB.
	Generally, everyone accesses Fred.txt through /XXXX.SMB/AAAbbb.
	Nobody accesses it through /srv/XXXX.

	Here's where things get strange
	ls -l /XXXX.SMB/AAAbbb/Fred.txt and all variations works!
	sum /XXXX.SMB/AAAbbb/Fred.txt only works if you get the
	case just right.

Any ideas?


Jim Ramsey

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