[Samba] to integrate 3 networks?

Marc Patermann hans.moser at ofd-z.niedersachsen.de
Wed Feb 17 01:34:55 MST 2010


the job is to help three (more or less) loosely connected organizations 
work together. It is about around 300 people in total.

Most of the users are on XP workstations. Few use linux. Die three 
organizations use three independent domains.
We have a ldap server for our users mostly for email at which we can 
bind i.e. with the emailaddress. There are not posix attributes 
available in the DIT at the moment.

There shall be a place to share documents now.
Is this a job for samba here? [We tried WebDAV for another project and 
there is definitely a lack of usable clients for windows.]
I don't want to provide more services than a document share and keep it 
as simple as is.
Thereby must not be a new place to manage user date like passwords etc.

Is there an simple way to achieve this? [Define 3 winbind backends via 



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