[Samba] SAMBA and Windows 2008 TSE licence Server

Kevin Keane subscription at kkeane.com
Sun Feb 14 14:39:05 MST 2010

You are probably right. Remember that a Samba domain is based on a Windows NT technology, more than ten years old. Almost everything Microsoft now relies on Active Directory.

Create an Active Directory domain with a Windows domain controller, and make your Samba Server a member. Samba works beautifully in an AD domain, just not as controller.

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> Hi all!
> I can't use the TSE licence server in Windows 2008 server. This Server
> is member of my Samba Domain. My TSE licence server is actived and my
> licences added, but when i want configure the TSE service and launch
> the Licence diagnostic the diagnostic failed.
> I think my problem is due to my Windows Server is not an Active
> Directory controller.
> What are the solutions : quit the domain? Activate AD on the server
> with an other domain? I would like my licence diagnostic work when my
> server join my Samba Domain.
> Please do you have any idea?
> Thank you.

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