[Samba] using RPCS printer driver for a P&P printer

Richard Gansterer richard.gansterer at paradigma.net
Wed Feb 10 02:10:08 MST 2010

Sadly no, that was one of the first things i stumbled upon as well but
it didn't change anything.

I pretty much settled for the PCL6 drivers now anyway, which work like a

Ryan Suarez wrote:
> Is your problem this?
> http://lists.samba.org/archive/samba/2005-September/110571.html
> Richard Gansterer wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with using RPCS printer
>> drivers in a P&P printer share.
>> Installing the driver onto samba went without a problem (followed the
>> Samba howto "chapter 21:  Add Printer Wizard Driver Installation") but
>> after that, every time i try to access the printer properties
>> it takes sometimes minutes to open or just doesn't come up at all (same
>> behavior when i open the properties locally on the installed printer or
>> directly on the server as a printer admin). So i either can't
>> set up any default printer properties or it takes so long that its not
>> worth the waiting time (if the properties windows shows up, every action
>> i do in there will also have such a long delay).
>> I can't find any error/denied or similar messages (or simply smth that
>> would stand out of the usual) in the log files (loglevel 3). I can
>> install the drivers on the
>> WS by hand and use samba just for the printer queue fine (per-machine
>> printer). But since i will have to install more printers i wanted to use
>> the point&print method since it saves a lot of hassle.
>> The printer is a NRG DSc424 and im using Windows XP. The same thing
>> works fine with the official PCL6 drivers and i might have to settle for
>> that in the end but the RPCS drivers give a better quality.
>> It's not a permission problem either, using either root or a user with
>> the SePrintOperatorPrivilege right (also it would probably show up in
>> the log files otherwise).
>> If anyone knows what the cause for those delays might be (even if its
>> just that RPCS is simply slow in combination with samba) i'd be really
>> happy to know. :)
>> Thanks
>> Richard

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