[Samba] How Configure Samba4 to use Openldap-Backend?

Chris Fischer chris_f at gmx.net
Tue Feb 9 06:29:16 MST 2010

I tried to use samba4 (alpha8) with openldap backend and followed the

instructions on:


and different other sources.

First try with debian packages, second with self compiled from git.

The script provision-backend is gone, so I only called provision (realm,
domain, role, etc ). After modifying the slapd.conf template it run
successful. In the template were the overlay options missing.

I can run slapd without errors. But how could I tell samba to use this

I know the "server service" directive and options like "sam database"

sam database = ldapi://%2fvar%2flib%2fsamba%2fprivate%2fldap%2fldapi

server services = smb, rpc, nbt, wrepl, cldap, kdc, drepl, winbind,
ntp_signd, kcc # But i am not familiar with the meaning of all.

slapd in debug mode shows some action on starting samba4, thats all.

Is there a need to add connection credentials like "smbpasswd -w"

Could someone, who has this configuration running, be so kind to send me
an example smb.conf

thanks in advance

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