[Samba] SID consistency between two samba servers

Anton Starikov ant.starikov at gmail.com
Mon Feb 8 20:09:40 MST 2010

I'm lost a bit, probably, but I have next setup.

server-1: OSX leopard SAMBA server, acts as PDC with odsam backend. 

server-2: member of samba domain, hosted by server-1. At the same time server-2 host /home directories on NFS and configured as nss_ldap client of OD LDAP on server-1. So, "samba users" and "local users" are the same.
How can I make sure that server-2 will use the same SIDs for users/groups?

Problem is simple:
when I connect as DOMAIN/myuser to home directory of "myuser" on server-2 and check permissions, I see permissions for "Unix User/myuser" not "DOMAIN/myuser". How to make sure that samba on server-2 will generate proper SIDs?


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