[Samba] (no subject)

Alex Florescu alex at acasa.ro
Mon Feb 8 16:04:31 MST 2010

>security = user
>map to guest = bad password
>guest ok = yes
>read only = yes
>write list = yourspecificuser
>Add the path = and other settings you need. Does that work for you?


Ok, I tested yours and Michael Woods' recommendation to set 'security =
user' and 'map to guest = bad password'. I also googled and read about it.

And yes, it now works both on XP and Ubuntu. When I click on the restricted
share it asks for a password (this also happened with the earlier config),
only that this times it really logs me in. Earlier I had to create a mapped
networked driver with credentials for it to work.


Thanks for your help guys. Will definitely remember this config option.

Alex F. 


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