[Samba] problems with samba share

Alexandru Florescu alex at acasa.ro
Mon Feb 8 08:26:37 MST 2010

>> >I don't think you want "security = share".
>> >-- 
>> >Michael Wood <esiotrot at gmail.com>
>> But I do want security = share.


I did state my reasons in the first mail:

"I want to achieve the following setup:
- have a share that is read-only and accessible for guest users; => without
having to log in.
- have the same share be modified by an authenticated specific user."

I have exactly the same setup on another samba on a centos and it worked
Michael Wood already quoted the following from the samba manual: " It also
says that it is more difficult to set up a share that does not require a
password if you use security = user, but says that if you do need that you
should look into the "map to guest" parameter."

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