[Samba] A question to Samba developers (or experienced users) about connections to a LDAP server using Unix sockets (LDAPI)

Miguel Medalha miguelmedalha at sapo.pt
Sun Feb 7 14:52:05 MST 2010

After acquiring some experience with the use of Samba+OpenLDAP, I am now 
in the process of creating my first PDC based on Samba+CentOS (Red Hat, 
Fedora, 389) Directory Server. While reading the DS documentation, 
something caught my attention.

The Administration Guide for Red Hat Directory Server 8.1 states the 

Inter-process communication (IPC) is a way for separate processes on a 
Unix machine or a network
to communicate directly with each other. LDAPI is a way to run LDAP 
connections over these IPC
connections, meaning that LDAP operations can run over Unix sockets. 
These connections are much
faster and more secure than regular LDAP connections.

The Directory Server uses these LDAPI connections to allow users to bind 
immediately to the
Directory Server or to access the Directory Server using tools which 
support connections over Unix

Does Samba support this type of connection to the LDAP server?

Thank you.

Red Hat Directory Server 8.1 Administration Guide
HTML Version: 
PDF Version: 

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