[Samba] using RPCS printer driver for a P&P printer

Richard Gansterer richard.gansterer at paradigma.net
Fri Feb 5 09:38:57 MST 2010


I'm wondering if anyone has had experience with using RPCS printer
drivers in a P&P printer share.
Installing the driver onto samba went without a problem (followed the
Samba howto "chapter 21:  Add Printer Wizard Driver Installation") but
after that, every time i try to access the printer properties
it takes sometimes minutes to open or just doesn't come up at all (same
behavior when i open the properties locally on the installed printer or
directly on the server as a printer admin). So i either can't
set up any default printer properties or it takes so long that its not
worth the waiting time (if the properties windows shows up, every action
i do in there will also have such a long delay).

I can't find any error/denied or similar messages (or simply smth that
would stand out of the usual) in the log files (loglevel 3). I can
install the drivers on the
WS by hand and use samba just for the printer queue fine (per-machine
printer). But since i will have to install more printers i wanted to use
the point&print method since it saves a lot of hassle.

The printer is a NRG DSc424 and im using Windows XP. The same thing
works fine with the official PCL6 drivers and i might have to settle for
that in the end but the RPCS drivers give a better quality.
It's not a permission problem either, using either root or a user with
the SePrintOperatorPrivilege right (also it would probably show up in
the log files otherwise).

If anyone knows what the cause for those delays might be (even if its
just that RPCS is simply slow in combination with samba) i'd be really
happy to know. :)


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