[Samba] can't locate samba server in windows network/ can't add domain

Thijs Hakkenberg thijs at hakkenberg.com
Thu Feb 4 10:07:38 MST 2010


I've installed an samba server as PDC next to another samba server. The 
DHCP/DNS is handled by a router (vigor 2110).
For the first domain (DOMAIN1) I can join computers or leave the domain. 
However- I can't join the other domain- because no DNS entry exists.
The strange thing is they both broadcast their NETBIOS name (It's 
present in the ARP table of the router) but on a windows host I can see 
the first server but not the second one.

How can I get the seccond server to also broadcast it's netbios name to 
the windows hosts? Or can I bypass the whole thing by modifying the 
HOSTS file on the win XP hosts?



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