[Samba] Vista clients having Issues Copying files from SambaServer

Anthony Giggins seven at seven.dorksville.net
Wed Feb 3 19:51:38 MST 2010

> Finally got around to upgrading this to 3.4.5 from the sernet repo
> above, but I'm still seeing the same issues, I'm guessing this is
> pointing to a Switch issue? But is there anything else it could be
> before going down this route?
> Cheers,
> Anthony

I did some further troubleshooting and found that this appears to be cause
by power management on the Network Device in Vista, I have disabled the
option to allow the OS manage this device to reduce power.

Now that this is working I'm now having issues renaming folders but I'll
do some more investigation before posting about this....

Thanks for everyone's ideas and suggestions.



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